Semiconductor Component Service

PTC is a fabless IC design company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.
PTC has been listed on the Taiwan OTC (overthe‐counter) market since 2001.,.
Since its founding in 1986, PTC has become a leader in Taiwan in consumer
IC design. In the highly competitive automotive IC market, PTC has established a reputation for superior quality,
having numerous products certified and adopted by prominent automobile manufacturers.
PTC’s products include Display Driver ICs, Multimedia Audio Controller ICs, Motor Driver ICs,
RF ICs, Encoder/Decoder ICs, Remote Control ICs, and ASICs and are suitable for a wide range of applications
OEC has been distributing PTC products for more than 20 years, provide customers
with highquality services of detailed product introduction and continuous technical support from early development stage to mass production.


The ODM service provided by OEC is a solution that explores product design concepts with customers and enables them to achieve production.
Accumulated rich and mature development experience for many years,
We can quickly perform product demand analysis with cost control through a complete supply chain and
industry partner resources from product design stage to production.
The flexible and cooperative cooperation between Taiwan's high‐tech R&D bases and China's high‐quality production
bases helps customers significantly shorten the TTM of new products and quickly occupy market share.

According to market demand
Design and manufacture competitive products
Friendly HMI
Accurate development time
Mature production technology
Streamlined mechanism design
Complete technical information
Consistent product quality
Correct electrical specifications
Rigorous verification procedures
Reasonable manufacturing cost
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