IC(integrated circuit) Applications

More than 20 years agent sales of Princeton Technology Corp.’s IC, Orchard is the professional supply chain partner and role as an important intermediate hub.
Detailed product application consultation and continuous technical support, we provide customers with high‐quality services from R & D design to market‐oriented mass production.

Acoustic solutions

Experienced in Audio DSP design, we solve customers' problem of audio system, surmount physical limitations encountered by drivers and mechanism. Increase the flexibility of product design and making product creative design more freedom and easier.

RF Wireless Transition Solution

Specialized capabilities in RF application design to improve wireless transmission power and stable wireless transmission immunity, We provide integrated technical support services, including RF modules, hardware and software design, mechanism design, system integration, interface development, product testing and certification ...

Electronic product design scheme

We cooperate with customers to develop new product design concepts, seamlessly cooperate from R&D to mass production, and provide electromechanical integration services, control of mass production costs and sophisticated optimization design.
With fully experience in application of IoT products, We can support customers to quickly shorten the cycle of products TTM

Battery Energy Storage Solution

Capable module design team, We are familiar with voltage balancing and monitoring of battery applications. It can flexibly perform remote monitoring and management through communication technologies such as Ethernet / 2G / 3G / WiFi / BLE, quickly and correctly detect failed components to provide system stability.
Dramatically reduce complexity, maintenance and management costs.

Digital multimedia solutions

From single APP project to CMS application, cumulative mass of actual online operating case of digital multimedia platforms. System development with agile project management from requirements analysis to system design, fast process optimization and cost reduction to meet the market characteristics of the digital industry.
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